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My #1 Recommendation

This product is called the Complete Info-Product Creation Toolkit and covers a large amount of the material contained in some of the other ebooks. And the sheer number of bonus giveaways inside the ebook really impressed me. This guy knows how to create value.

Others are paying hundreds for some of the bonuses found in the book. It even includes screen-capture software and ebook creation software that others are paying through the nose to get ahold of from others.

There are also some good sources of niche forums and article sites where you can post articles for others to put on their site. The copywriting tips are also excellent. I don't think I have seen another book with such value. Therefore, it's no surprise that this is my #1 recommendation.

Special Bonus

Okay, so now you have products to sell. The next thing you need to do is build a list and get traffic.

With your purchase, I will teach you how to build a list just sending a few emails a week. When you know how to get your lead capture page in front of targeted visitors, it's simply a numbers game. With this bonus, just send out emails on a regular basis and you WILL build an easy list. I will even give you the ad copy so you don't have to write your own stuff. My ad copy is tested and proven to attract eyeballs and get signups.

Just make your purchase, and I will send you the link to this lead-generation bonus when I send you the download links to your products.

*The two bonus products must be the same or lesser value of the product that you buy. This is required by some of the resale licenses. When you finish making your purchase, just email me at the email address below with your other two selections. I will send you the download links for all three products as soon as I confirm your order.

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