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Maximizing Internet Income by Killing Proven Time Wasters

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Have you done any of these things? Checked your email every hour? Opened up an email and 20 minutes later have 30 browser windows open on your screen?(not popups either) Read forum posts where people were arguing profusely? Replied to forum posts where people argued profusely? Learned a new marketing idea before you were in a position to take advantage of it? Bought a new eBook before you read previous ones you bought? All those things are called time wasters. Or money killers.

Count the number of hours that you waste during a typical day. If you're trying to build your business part-time then you have very little time to waste. Can you honestly look at the last few months and see what exactly you did to reach your goals of building a business online? One of my online colleagues is a master at time management. He just recently quit his full-time job but he managed his time so well while doing this business part-time that he was able to pump out more money generating websites than most other people I know who do it full-time. What's his secret? I'll show you...

Time management is not a natural ability many people have. It starts with learning to analyze your time. If you analyze exactly where your time goes, you'll be quite surprised. Only do things that will help you make more money. Follow these proven steps: At the end of each day, write down all the things you accomplished during that day. You can either set up a weblog at Blogger.com to record your daily activities or simply write it down on paper and file it away. Be very detailed in your writing. You want to see what you're doing each hour and then later look at those things and see which of them made you money.

After you're done writing your tasks for the previous day, write a list of things you want to get done the following day. At the end of the day, email yourself the following day's to do list. Then, the first thing you do in the morning is check your email and see your to do list. I know it's more easily said than done to be so diligent in setting your schedule and analyzing your time, but it's a mandatory process if you want to increase your income. Once you do it enough times, it will become a habit.

instant blogs I've been marketing my business online full-time for 14 months now and I'm still struggling to keep focused and do the things I need to do first. There are so many distractions online. The first thing I had to learn was not to check my email every hour. I was becoming quite obsessed. I wanted to see if I had made any sales. I know the main reason that I checked my emails and surfed forums so much is because I was avoiding doing the other tasks such as writing articles and submitting joint venture proposals. I'm sure that I'm in the majority when I say that reading is easier to do than writing and creating things. You and I know this, yet we continue to read instead of create because our mind does not consciously know that we're doing it.

We often open up an email and 20 minutes later, we have 30 browser windows open because we see an interesting link and go to it. To prevent this from happening again, say to yourself every time you're doing something "Is this on my to do list?" or "Will reading this help me make money now or could I be doing something else to increase my income? You could be doing something else, so stop reading this and get your task list made. After you read my resource box below of course ; )

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